Quo Vadimus Gourmet Coffee

Harvested and processed by artisan farmers who are passionate about coffee.
Café Quo Vadimus was founded on the passion for the best cup of coffee possible.

Our quest for the best has taken us to six different countries to the farms where coffee is meticulously grown, harvested and processed by artisan farmers who are passionate about coffee.

Unknown to most coffee drinkers, coffee beans are rated and classified by the quality of the bean. Quo Vadimus only buys, roasts, and packages Class 1 Specialty Grade coffee beans. These beans represent the top 5% of all harvested coffee around the world.

Café QV Reserve Roast, the perfect cup of coffee to start your day with, wonderfully flavorful and highly aromatic. Now discerning coffee enthusiasts can experience the same level of craftsmanship that The Quo Vadimus Cigar Company has been providing their loyal patrons for years.

Café QV Island Roast, like the Quo Vadimus Islander cigar, the QV Island roast coffee is a full bodied coffee that takes you back to a simpler time, the taste of days gone by. You’ll close your eyes and imagine yourself overlooking Havana Harbor, a Quo Vadimus cigar in your hand and the aroma of our coffee invigorating all of your senses. The deep and rich flavors of our Island Roast are sure to satisfy any coffee connoisseur. Slow-roasted using only the finest beans, this blend is for the true coffee aficionado.

Much like our cigars, our coffee is nothing short of exceptional and is proudly offered to you in two classic blends.

All of our coffee blends are available in whole bean, course grind or fine grind. Please specify when ordering.

The perfect cup of coffee is based on freshness of the coffee. Freshness is considered the timeline from roasting to brewing. Simply, the quicker we get our coffee to you, the better your cup of coffee will be.

Since Quo Vadimus roasts and packages on demand, we deliver the freshest coffee possible. In addition, our packaging keeps the dangers to coffee (heat, light, and air) away from our coffee.

Our coffee is shipped in one pound bags at sixteen dollars per pound plus shipping costs.

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We are in the process of creating an online store allowing our customers to order from our website or an authorized dealer in your area. Meanwhile, please contact us directly for pricing information and ordering.

The Quo Vadimus Cigar Company maintains rolling operations in Miami Florida and San Jose Costa Rica.

We purchase tobacco leaf directly from tobacco farmers in six different countries in creating our award-winning blend while simultaneously supporting small family-run farms and independent rollers.

Our corporate headquarters and sales operations are based in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

All Quo Vadimus products are inspected to adhere to the highest level of quality control, professionally packed and then shipped directly to our customers from our South Florida facility.