Quo Vadimus Cigars

Uniquely delightful tastes and fragrant aromas…
Quo Vadimus cigars are entirely handmade in small batches by skilled master rollers. Rollers who achieved Grade-9 status before leaving Havana and each with over twenty years of rolling experience. These dedicated cigar professionals are proud of what they do, and you will be impressed when you see the quality, rolling between your fingers. Our skilled cigar rollers transform tobacco leaves into handmade cigars through old world processes.

With uniquely delightful tastes and fragrant aromas, a cigar from Quo Vadimus has those fine qualities and characteristics that make them highly sought after by connoisseurs throughout the world. They satisfy even the most demanding and discriminating cigar smokers. Your total and complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Reserve Blend

The “Reserve Blend” is a three-country blend with a Connecticut shade wrapper, making for a very mild and smooth cigar, burning perfectly every time from start to finish loved by both novice smokers and the most discriminating cigar aficionados.

Island Blend

The “Island Blend” is our traditional blend, puros, old world Cuban style cigar. Cuban Seed tobacco, harvested, cured and rolled using century old traditions to create the most incredible of cigars. Our Island Blend instantly takes you back to a simpler place in time, old Havana where you’ll create incredible memories with every puff.

Platinum Series

The “Platinum Series” is our “by invitation only” cigar with a production of less than two hundred cigars a month, it’s the epitome of perfection for the privileged few.
Our product line is only available in three different vitolas: “The Chairman” (6″ x 60) which is slightly larger than a traditional robusto, a very traditional torpedo (6″ x 52) and a timeless Churchill (7 1/2″ x 50).

Each vitola is available in both of our award winning blends.

Simply let us know the blend and vitola you desire and your order will be delivered fresh to your door usually within three business days.

Recent reviews have rated all Quo Vadimus cigars over 90 with our torpedo receiving a 94 from an independent panel and our Chairman a 92!

Contact Us Today

We are in the process of creating an online store allowing our customers to order from our website or an authorized dealer in your area. Meanwhile, please contact us directly for pricing information and ordering.

The Quo Vadimus Cigar Company maintains rolling operations in Miami Florida and San Jose Costa Rica.

We purchase tobacco leaf directly from tobacco farmers in six different countries in creating our award-winning blend while simultaneously supporting small family-run farms and independent rollers.

Our corporate headquarters and sales operations are based in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

All Quo Vadimus products are inspected to adhere to the highest level of quality control, professionally packed and then shipped directly to our customers from our South Florida facility.